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Session 1: Tire industry global outlook and trend
Sustainability - Tire industry global outlook and trend
  • Global market outlook for green tires
  • Main drivers of green tire demand
  • The automotive sector’s impact on new green tire development
  • Current challenges to the tire industry
Ciaran Little, VP, Americas & Asia Pacific, Information Division, Smithers
Cassie Zhao, Senior Consulting Analyst, Information Division, Smithers
Opportunities and challenges for tire companies under the "3060" double carbon target(to be uploaded)
Under the goal of "3060" double carbon, tire companies must carry out green transformation either actively or passively. For high-energy, high-emission carbon companies, the challenge is greater than the opportunity, but for those who change ideas quickly and upgrade technology quickly, it can also be a new opportunity.

Shi Yifeng, Secretary General, China Rubber Industry Association
Circular economy to help the green and sustainable development of the industry
This section will introduce the current development status, existing challenges and new technologies of domestic China waste tire recycling from the perspective of the industry.
Weidong Li | President, China Tyre Recycling Association
Networking tea break
Session 2: Industry Insights – Tire Manufacturers’ Roadmap to Sustainability
Tire Sustainability - Sustainable materials and circular economy
• Sustainable goals for raw materials for tires
• New technologies for sustainable raw materials for tires
• The impact of sustainable tire raw materials on tire performance
Zhong Ma | Director of Standards and Regulations APAC , Continental Tires (China) Co., Ltd.
Long-term sustainable policy of Sumitomo rubber
The presentation will introduce the strategy of Sumitomo Rubber's material technology to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society. We will report our long-term policy for 2030 to 2050, involving the latest material trends in replacing conventional materials with sustainable materials and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.
To achieve the 2050 target of full carbon neutrality by 2050, Sumitomo Rubber will continue to reduce CO2 emissions related to electric power consumption through ongoing energy-saving activities as well as the introduction and expansion of cogeneration systems and solar power.
Dr. Michio Hirayama | General manager, Material technology department of technical center, Sumitomo Rubber China 
Lunch Break
Session 3: Updates from End Users: hearing from OEMs
Volkswagen’s road to Sustainability
The session will introduce Volkswagen R&D approaches on sustainability, their progress on the use of sustainable materials, and research on the effects or renewable materials of tires.

Wu Jie, Tire Expert in R&D Department, Volkswagen (Anhui) Automotive CO., Ltd.
Dr. Czapnik, Bartosch, Team manager of mobility technology team, Volkswagen (China) Investment Co., Ltd
Green and low-carbon travel: the new requirements of flying car on tires(to be updated)
Under the background of excessive urban traffic pressure, flying cars emerge as the times require. The presentation will discuss the new requirements of flying cars on tire performance.
Hongchao Hu | Senior Tire Development Engineer, XPENG AEROHT
Digital agile development for tires
The trend of automobile electrification and intelligence is constantly evolving, and R&D is evolving from the traditional model to the digital direction. The traditional automobile R&D cycle is long and the cost is high, and the efficiency of the R&D tool chain determines the development efficiency and cost of the entire system. The presentation will introduce some practices of Geely’s digital agile development for tires.
Amy Tang | Senior Technical Expert , Geely Research Engineering Center
Networking tea break
Panel discussion: Upstream and downstream technical cooperation to achieve tire sustainability
  • Leading companies’ sustainable development plan and progress
  • How raw material suppliers, component providers, and tire manufacturers cooperate with OEMs to drive sustainability
  • Case studies of technological progress in carbon reduction and decarbonization
  • New requirements of EV on tires under the background of “Dual Carbon”

Zhong Ma, Director of Standards and Regulations APAC at Continental Tires (China) Co., Ltd. (plan)
Calvin Xu, Applications Development R&D Manager, Cabot Asia Technology Center, Lead Scientist, Cabot
Harry Gong, General Director, American Pacific Industries, Inc
Li Lun, Rig Test Director, Chassis Development Institute, China FAW Group Corporation
We Yei, Deputy General Manager, Jiangsu Xingda Steel Tyre Cord Co., Ltd
A leading tire manufacturer(plan)
Session 4: Off-The-Road Tires
Overview of the domestic China OTR tire market
• Overview of domestic China OTR market
• Major developments in recent years and outlook
• Opportunities for domestic Chin OTR providers
Caihong Wang | Senior Manager of Engineering Tires, Technical Engineer, Aeolus Tyre
Sustainability in Tires with focus on initiatives at Yokohama Off Highway Tires
The Green Revolution of the Tire Industry: A Deep Dive into ESG Integration
Session 5: New materials for tires
The world’s first silicone recyclable self-sealing tire solution from Dow
With growing demands for material circularity and sustainability in the global automotive industry, self-sealing tires are becoming a new solution which enable lighter weight vehicles. Dow’s new SiLASTIC™ Self-sealing Silicone is designed to meet self-sealing tire manufacturers’ demands for high performance and conscious of sustainability, while providing drivers and passengers with enhanced lightweight, safety, and durability.
SiLASTIC™ Self-sealing Silicone sealants can be separated from tires at the end of life, enabling recycling of both tires and silicone in separate waste streams.  The sealant’s processability is also enhanced with reduced cycle time and less processing costs. Tires using SiLASTIC™ Self-sealing Silicone sealants can be easily and quickly manufactured with standard equipment at room temperature without precleaning and pre-compounding.
Alex Lu | Technical Support and Development for Silicone Rubber Products, Dow
Cabot's Evolving Path to Advancing Sustainable Reinforcing Carbons
This presentation will introduce Cabot's commitment and practice to providing tire manufacturers with high-performance and innovative tire solutions that increase tread durability, reduce rolling resistance and improve traction.
Calvin Xu | Applications Development R&D Manager, Lead Scientist, Cabot Corporation
CORDENKA® Rayon – the application of a green skeleton material extracted from plant cellulose in tires
Networking break
Session 6: Innovative development and technologies for tires
Journey to EUDR Compliance for Natural Rubber
Innovations and value from end-of-life tires
• End-of-life tire market in Australia
• Commercialised new high-quality products made from end-of-life tires
• Five high quality products by desorption process from end-of-life tires
Petar Davcev | Portfolio Leader - Materials Performance & Testing, National Transport Research Organisation
Lunch Break
Effect of low temperature on rolling resistance of tires
Tire rolling resistance is closely related to the fuel economy or endurance mileage. However, existing testing methods and standards are not sufficient to fully understand the rolling resistance performance of tires. The automobile industry discusses on the impact of low temperature on the mileage of electric vehicles, among which the rolling resistance performance of tires at low temperature is a problem worth exploring. The session will present some of the results of Smithers' experiments on tire rolling resistance at low temperatures.
Henry He | General Manager, Materials Science and Engineering, Smithers
The tire virtual submission and vehicle virtual assembly
Session 7: Safety, Regulations and Standards across the Globe
Standard interpretation for China compulsory product certification for tire products
ZhaoXiang, China Quality Certification Centre
Tire Regulation & Sustainability: Where are we in Europe
• Progress made and challenges faced.
• Recycled content for tires
• Environmental legislation and regulation driving tire sustainability.
• What does they mean for Asia tire manufacturers?
Adam McCarthy | Secretary General, European Tyre and Rubber Manufacturers Association (ETRMA)
Tire Wear: A problem of our times
End of the conference